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Want to give us a try? To celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of 22 Group and PropertyStream, we're giving away FREE bespoke social media animations throughout 2022. 

Let's design a bespoke animation with your logo and colours to help you drive valuations.


Flexible, approachable and totally in the know about estate agency marketing. Watch the video to hear about our unique marketing packages. 

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We understand estate agency inside out and how to reach and engage with your customers - sellers, landlords, buyers, tenants, investors, developers. Stay on top of your game with expert strategy, planning, striking materials and content for online and offline estate agency marketing.

We're confident we offer the most flexible and most effective marketing retainers for estate agents in the UK. Friendly, committed and straight-talking, our values drive how we engage with clients. It works a treat.


From £600 / month

  • 2 x Blog posts
  • 2 x Emails
  • 2 x Social media assets - message and design
  • Copywriting for 6 x social media posts

From £1000 / month

  • 2 x Blogs
  • 4 x Emails
  • 2x Social media assets - message and design
  • Copywriting for 8 x social media posts
  • Free subscription to Vaboo, the tenant rewards platforms for letting agents.

From £1500 / month

  • 2x Blogs
  • 4 x Emails
  • 2 x Social media GIFs
  • Copywriting for 8 x social media posts
  • 1x Flyer / Window card / Rightmove banners
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign artwork
  • Website banner for homepage
  • Outdoor advert
  • Google Analytics reporting and presenting
  • Free subscription to Vaboo, the tenant rewards platforms for letting agents.

Free social media animation

Are you short of content to post on social media? Always post about the same things? And how's your brand looking online? We can help create eye-catching, professional and hard-working social media visuals and animations to help your brand stand out. Give us a try! Register for your FREE valuation focused animation today. We'll create this bespoke for you, featuring your logo and colours. Just complete the form below. 

Meet your Marketing Gurus, Robin and Pernilla.


Robin Arnold
International Strategy Director 

Robin has 20 years’ experience building brands and creating websites for some of the world’s most prestigious and successful companies, such as Peugeot, Santander and Konica Minolta. He is a founding partner of PropertyStream and is the creative mind behind some of the property sector’s most successful brand identities, such as EweMove, Whitegates, and Meyers.


Pernilla Tweddle
Global Group Marketing Director

Over 20 years experience in marketing and proven success in delivering business and brand growth, Pernilla has heaps of knowledge and insight into award winning estate agency marketing. Previously Marketing Director for Hunters national 200+ branch network, Pernilla leads the PropertyStream team to deliver marketing plans, strategy, campaigns and much more.


Eddy Bennett
Digital Director 

• Founding partner

• Strategy and management

• Digital direction & standards

• Ju-Jitsu black belt


Alex McBurnie
Creative Director

• UX Certification from the BCS

• Specialisms include user experience, graphic design, website design and print

• Thrives off a challenge, whether it’s physical or mental

• Powered by coffee



Monica Fong
Marketing and Copywriting Executive

• Digital marketing

• Social media whiz

• Travel enthusiast

• Loves haggis, loves noodles (not together!)


Michael Barrow

• Graphic design, website design and print production

• Animation

• Regular BBQ eater

• Enjoys mountain biking on a weekend

Check out our mind blowing case studies. 

Nicol & Co 

They’ve been hailed as the ‘Next generation of Estate Agents’ by EA masters and they require brand website and marketing which demonstrates just that. We work with them on a monthly basis and help them with:

• Strategy
• Campaigns 
• Copywriting 
• Brand updates
• Website landing pages 



We created the Meyers brand over 6 years, and it has become one of the most eye-catching and liked visual identities in the industry. We have produced marketing assets and have helped them grow from 1 branch to 8 franchises. 

• Social media animations
• Campaigns
• Advertising 
• Leaflets 
• Brochures 
• Franchise recruitment campaigns

Brock Taylor 

Established market leading estate agent who came to us needing a brand revamp. This West Sussex estate agent had always used strong and creative ideas but realised their look was inconsistent and had started to look out-dated. Property Stream loved the challenge and created a bold yet fresh and contemporary brand refresh which included:

• Clever copy and messaging
• Big, bold designs
• Suite of creatives from car livery to flyers and social media


Goodfellows valuation campaign

This North Surrey and South West London agent has been established for over 30 years  and needed support on a number of campaigns. The 9 branch network wanted to focus on raising their brand profile and driving valuations. All estate agents need these, but how good is your look and message? We helped with a number of campaigns including:

• Valuation campaign
• Brand awareness campaign
• Copywriting & social media


Whitegates is a well known reputable agency known as innovators in the North of England. Day to day operations often means estate agents are too busy to check in on branding, marketing activity and keeping up with change. We were asked to reinvigorate and bring the passion back to the once powerful brand which had lost its sense of direction since its pioneering heyday. Campaign highlights included:

• Resurrected and modernized the iconic white gate icon
• Commissioned renowned artist to create stylised illustrations of regional landmarks
• Brochures, social media animations, leaflets, Rightmove banners and more.



Our Marketing Director Pernilla headed up the marketing for the national Hunters network for 8 years. From national TV and digital campaigns to video, content and social media marketing for branch use, we know what works. We help estate agents take their brand to the next level.

• Strategy and planning
• Campaign copywriting
• Creative design and roll out


5 Star rated on Google and Kerfuffle

"It's nice to work with a business that really gets us, there are 5 or 6 key players that really understand us and our business so we never need to explain ourselves"

Matt Nicol, Nicol & Co


FREE blog post

Are you making use of your blogs section on your website? Do you stay on top with the cyclical trends and seasonal estate agency subjects? Writing and providing regular, relevant content is very valuable and should be informative and topical. We can help with this and to show you, we will write you a FREE blog post unique to you and your agency, Register your interest by completing the form below. 

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